Spiritual Healing

Starting Out with Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing and the Sources of Healing Energy

Spiritual Healing is an ancient art of healing. It is a system of healing that uses energy to bring health and wellbeing to all levels of the individual. Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it seems to carry an electrical charge to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body.

The sources of healing energy are broken down into three categories of healing energy:

1) Personal Energy – the energy generated by the body, also known as Chi or Ki.

2) Psychic Energy – This is the ability to focus the power of the mind and to direct and concentrate energy through thought.

3) Spiritual or Mystical Energy – With mystical energy you are working with God, Spirit, and the power of prayer. Here you are going beyond your own personal power and tapping into the power of the Universe.


The Aura

Everything in the universe is composed of energy and everything has an energy field around it. Plants, animals, minerals, trees, even humans have an energy field around them. This energy field, although invisible to the naked untrained eye, extends outward from the object and is called the aura or auric field. The aura in many ways is much like the earth’s atmosphere: densest closer to the surface, then becoming progressively less dense the farther it extends outward. All energy fields have many levels, just as the earth has many atmospheric levels.

In people, this energy field can be felt from one to three feet or more outwards from the physical body. Depending upon a person’s energy level and level of spiritual development the aura can extend outwards over 50 feet from the body. The energy of a great master or teacher can be felt at even greater distances. Most of the paintings of holy people, saints and spiritual leaders depict a bright glow around their bodies, especially their heads. This glow perfectly depicts a well-developed energy field or aura.

The aura can be detected in several ways, including thermography, aura readings, kirlian photography and dowsing devices. Each of these methods of detection confirms the existence of an aura around the body. Thermography is a traditional medical procedure that creates an exaggerated colour image by measuring the subtle heat patterns around the body. A healthy body emits a specific colour pattern. When a person is ill or diseased, distortions and dis-colourations in the colour pattern can be detected. These colour differences give clues to the degree and location of an illness such as cancer, long before it can be detected in the physical body by other traditional diagnostic methods.

Kirlian photography generates a specific type of photograph taken within an electrical field which helps capture distinct energy fields on film. This process is so sensitive that it will even pick up the ‘memory’ of phantom energy image of a limb that has recently been amputated or the image of the removed portion of a leaf that has recently been cut in half.

Dowsing rods and other dowsing devices also can be used to sense the auric field around the body. In the hands of an experienced dowser these devices are extremely accurate. Dowsing rods can also detect subtle shifts in someone’s energy field as their thinking changes. If they are thinking happy thoughts, the aura expands. When they are thinking negative thoughts or they are sick, sad, angry, or depressed, the energy field will contract.

Aura readings can also be done my those with psychic or intuitive sight. By reading breaks, distortions and dis-colourations in the energy field, some psychics can with a great deal of accuracy detect and predict what type of illness will develop, how soon it will occur and even estimate what its severity will be.

The aura can develop holes, breaks, tears, and areas of dark, stagnant energy, much like the smog, pollution and holes in the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere.

It is best if the auric field is periodically cleansed and mended, especially after a person has experienced a trauma, such as surgery or an accident. This will repair the breaks and tears that can cause energy disruptions, imbalances, and leakages.

We can strengthen our body and energy field through meditation, prayer, affirmations, good diet, and exercise. The energy field can be cleansed by receiving an aura cleansing or receiving healing work. You can also cleanse your own energy field by taking a hot bath with either a cup of apple cider vinegar or a cup of Epsom salts added to the bath water. These help to neutralise negative energy and to balance the energy field.

Activating Your Hands to Create an Energy Circle or Ring in Spiritual Healing 

To activate your hands in Spiritual Healing, you need to open a minor chakra which is found in the middle of each palm. When open, it allows healing energy to flow either into or out of the palm. These energy centres can be used to receive energy or send energy.

The left hand is for either receiving positive energy from the universe or drawing negative energy out of a person. The use of the left hand can change during a healing session. The right hand is for sending and directing energy. In terms of polarity, the left hand has a negative electrical charge, and the right hand has a positive charge.

Quite often, your hands will activate themselves naturally as you get ready and prepared to heal. You can rub your hands together or clap your hands to activate the energy although this is not necessary but may prove helpful until you develop your own approach to activating the flow of energy.

You can create an energy circle or ring in Spiritual Healing to create an energy flow. This can be accomplished with two people, even if neither one has ever had any previous experience of working with energy. Larger numbers of people also can create an energy circle or ring.

The participants should be comfortable on the floor or in chairs. It is possible to stand, but the process can continue for long periods of time and standing can be tiring.

Each person starts by activating their own energy. Then the left hand is held palm up to receive energy and the right hand is held palm down to send energy. If two people are doing this exercise, they face each other so that each right hand is directly above, but not touching, the partner’s left hand.

Choose one person to start the exercise. While the second person holds their hands stationary, the first person raises and lowers their hands, keeping 1 – 12 inches of space between the pairs of hands. Sense the energy building between your hands and your partner’s. How does the energy feel? Move each hand separately, first the right hand and then the left. Is there a difference in the way each hand senses the energy? Allow each person plenty of time to feel the energy. Then reverse roles and allow your partner to raise and lower their hands while you hold your hands still.

Next create a continuous energy circuit by having both partners send energy out from the right hand and receive energy with the left hand. This energy loop can be intensified through moving the energy visually. Sense the energy and see how strong an energy field you can create. This can be done in groups of any size.

The Hierarchy of Pain and Protection

Few of us were raised in a family that was consistently nurturing and supportive, providing us with unconditional love. All of us, to varying degrees, have suffered physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual anguish as a result of our childhood and life experiences.

We all have experienced pain, trauma, and disappointment. Some of us have been able to handle it better than others. As pain or disappointment increases in intensity, it becomes hurt, anger, rage and sometimes even terror. As the intensity of the pain and abuse increases, it becomes exceedingly difficult to stay open and loving, regardless of how much we might want to. At some point we are forced to choose between confronting our abusers and stopping the abuse or shutting down to protect ourselves, running away, going insane or dying. Few children growing up in homes where they experience trauma can confront and change their abusers or run away. Most learn to shut down at least some of their feelings in order to survive.

People take care of themselves as best they can. When faced with intense pain, ongoing stress, or a sudden shock we might, without even being consciously aware of what we are doing, shut down to protect ourselves. We might go into a state of shutdown when confronted with situations or issues in our life that we refuse to see, feel, or deal with, or when an experience is either too painful or too shocking to tolerate.

Anything overwhelming might cause us to shut down. Some examples include the death of a parent, brother, sister or even a pet, especially if this occurred when we were incredibly young. Other situations include moving to a new location, an accident, being sexually abused or being around someone who, in anger or rage, might be verbally or physically abusive. Any form of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual abuse can create feelings of shock, trauma, panic or abandonment, triggering a partial or complete shutdown.

This shutting down process is an automatic, instinctive survival mechanism of the body to avoid pain and to maintain the illusion of being in control. This survival mechanism is at least as strong as the more familiar ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Unfortunately, this kind of protection also locks the negative energy into the body and literally can leave a person emotionally crippled at the age of the shutdown.

Some people have blocked out their inner sight and cannot visualize pictures or colours. This could be a form of shutting down and refusing to see the past because it was too painful for them. Others shut down their feelings and either do not feel their bodies or stay in their heads, intellectualising everything almost all the time. People who are shut down might tend to avoid or run from opportunities to work through their issues or may not even be aware that an issue exists.

Examples of people who are most likely to shut down include war veterans who have experienced tremendous trauma during battle (post-traumatic stress syndrome), adult children of alcoholics, victims of violent crime, victims of sexual and emotional abuse, battered spouses, people who grew up in a very dysfunctional family and stressed-out business executives. Although the situations are different, the procedure for working with these people is almost identical.

Shut down/numb/no emotions expressed = energy stuck/frozen.

If a person is in touch with their feelings, it is relatively easy to assist with the healing process. In situations where someone has partially or totally shutdown, the work of the healer is much more challenging.

It takes a lot of energy to remain shut down. The person might feel depression or fatigue or be numb to life. They might also have employed the use of food, drugs, alcohol, anger, overwork, violence, or sex to mask or suppress their true feelings.

Whenever an individual has been closed or numb in an area for a long time, they have stored up a lot of emotions. A person who is shut down has a tremendous lid on their feelings and will not allow their true emotions to surface. This total control can be effective for short periods of time, but as the pressure builds and/or the person starts to relax and open, even a little, this lid begins to crack. As this happens, the uncontrolled emotions might erupt with an intensity that is out of proportion to the current situation that seems to have triggered them. This kind of release tends to frighten both the person experiencing these intense emotions and everyone around them. Unfortunately, the first instinct is to shut down again or at least to try to, so that they maintain some semblance of control.

The secret of healing is to encourage the person to feel as much of their pain, anger, and other suppressed emotions as they can. The more support the person is willing to receive form the healer while going through this healing process, the easier the process will be. Many times, people have cried – sometimes hysterically – for long periods of time after coming out of shutdown and experiencing their feelings. Once this barrier has been penetrated and removed, the possibility for tremendous healing and change exists.

Aspects of the Mind

The three main aspects of the mind are:

1) The Conscious Mind

2) The Subconscious Mind

3) The Super-Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is known as the gatekeeper that creates and contains all our attitudes and belief systems and is responsible for reviewing and classifying everything we experience.

The Subconscious Mind operates like a video tape that contains the pure data of every instant of our life. It accepts all information without judgement or emotional charge and is capable of total recall.

The Super-Conscious Mind is what we call the God mind. This is the part of us that is connected directly to God, the Universal Life Force energy. Through the super conscious all the information and knowledge of the universe is readily available.

Qualities of a Good Healer

Qualities which enhance a healer’s ability to create rapport and assist in the healing process include patience, trusts and faith. These qualities apply both to how the healer feels about himself or herself and to how they relate to the person being assisted. Patience is the ability to slow down, when necessary, to match the pace most comfortable to the person receiving the healing. Trust allows the healer to continue the healing session even when energy shifts are not readily apparent. Faith in a power greater that the healer’s personal energy invites support and assistance from the universal source. All these skills develop over time. Please have patience with yourself, trust the learning process and have the faith that you are being divinely guided.

The ability to clearly observe details about someone’s body – skin colour, skin temperature, posture, and other indicators – is a valuable tool for gaining insight into their self-image, level of self-esteem and what they are currently experiencing. Another asset is the skill and sensitivity to ask questions that will help a person to get in touch with their feelings. Skilled healers are proficient in the art of listening, not only to what is said, but also to what is not said.

Some healers are motivated by a desire to help fix or change other people. It is extremely important for healers to keep their own issues separate from the issues of those they work with. Most successful healers continue to focus on healing their own issues and make sure that they continue their healing process. When doing healing work, pray for clarity and ask that the healing be done for the highest good of all concerned.

Find your balance,

energy & happiness the natural way.

Active Participation & Asking Questions in the Interaction between Healer & Recipient

The role of active participation is important and conducive to the outcome of the healing session. Some people want to receive a healing in the same way they would receive a massage, that is, receiving passively and expecting the healer to do most, if not all of the work.

This passive approach does not allow for the maximum empowerment and support of the person receiving the healing. If you do not actively include people in every aspect of their own healing process, you are denying them an unbelievably valuable opportunity to take charge of their health and demonstrate their own ability to heal themselves. Once empowered with this knowledge a person can heal many more areas of their life than just the current issue.

Active participation includes asking a person what they are feeling, what they are seeing, where the pain is, how they would describe it and for any other details they can tell you. Always encourage them to participate actively and assume as much responsibility as possible during their session, even encouraging them to direct the energy. Ask them to visualize with you the negative energy being pulled out and the positive energy flowing in. By frequently asking the person what they are feeling, seeing, and sensing, you keep them actively participating in what is going on. When you do this, they tend to stay present and current with what is happening. The greater the active responsibility a person takes in their own healing process, the easier that process will be.

The more the person can feel their pain, describe the energy blockages, and visualize the energy flowing, the easier it is to locate the blockages in the body and identify the challenge. Once the challenge is identified, it is reasonable easy to release and heal the blockages. When working with someone who is communicating with you closely, you will know instantly if the desired changes are occurring and if the way you are working with the energy is shifting the energy blockages. In these cases, the person can tell you when the energy blockage has partially or fully released because they can usually see, feel, or sense it in their body. With this feedback, you may even find ways to improve your own healing techniques. The more a person receiving a healing can see the pictures in vivid colours, hear the sounds, smell the odours, taste the tastes, and feel the sensations – in other words, the more they remain totally present within their own physical body and actively participate in the experience – the easier it will be for the healing to occur.

One of the benefits of this active participation is that the person is facing their illnesses or challenges head on. In doing this, they are confronting their fears and are allowing the healer to support them, while both are working together to focus and direct the healing energy.

Including a person in their own healing process, by asking questions and having them describe what they are seeing and feeling, is one of the most powerful tools that a healer can employ. It will greatly enhance the results of the healing.

The role of asking questions is also important and conducive to a faster, more complete healing. Many people are accustomed to making statements as opposed to asking questions. While doing healing work I have found that by asking questions I do not trigger a person’s ego and personality defences nearly as much as when I make statements. Asking questions gets the person being healed involved, which if particularly important in creating trust and open communication.

At the beginning of a healing session, spend time with the person and ask questions such as: What would you like to work on? What results would you like to achieve? If your life did change, how would you use your life or live it differently? These questions cause the person to focus on an outcome which activates creative intention, aligning the mind to support the overall healing work to be done.

While doing the healing, frequently ask the person you are working with what they are feeling within their body, where they are feeling it, what colours they are seeing and what emotions are coming up for them. This feedback provides information as to how the person is responding to the energy and gives insights into the possible next steps in their healing process.

Our pre-historic ancestors who lived off the land as hunter-gatherers relied heavily on their feelings and instincts. Their very survival depended upon their being in touch with their feelings and the sensations in their bodies. In today’s highly structured, mechanised society we have lost touch with ourselves and have suppressed many of our feelings. We have numbed our senses with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and television. Asking questions about what a person is experiencing helps them get back in touch with their feelings and prompts them to notice sensations in their physical body.

Although at first the person receiving healing may have to stop and search for their feelings, they can be found. Feelings are the key to the healing process. They help to identify what is going on in the body and how the energy is changing. By asking questions you direct and encourage the person to stay in touch with their feelings and remain conscious of what is going on in their body. Encouraging communication of any changes in the way the feel during the healing session helps them to claim the changes and provides both the conscious and subconscious minds with hard data to confirm that a change has occurred. This validates the healing process. Frequently, a person will see, feel, and experience most of the energy shifts that I sense before I mention them.

If I receive an image or impression of the issue a person is working on, I might ask questions like, I have a feeling about the area we are working on, may I share it with you? My sense of the situation is …………………… Is it possible that you are feeling some anger over the situation?

Asking and checking things out, as opposed to telling them, invites people to go within to review things for themselves, to ask themselves questions, to be honest with themselves and hopefully to gain insights into the situation. As they do this, they might gain more clarity or see more of the picture than you do.

Remember, if the person you are working with does not agree with your guidance, that is okay. Trust yourself and follow your guidance on what to do. If you do not have the person’s permission, be sure you do this without pushing or challenging them. Before giving feedback, ask the person you are working on if they want to know what you are sensing and then, only when you get permission, share what you are picking up. This sharing could increase a person’s deeper awareness of what they are going through. Be aware that at times someone may not be in touch with what is going on in their life, at other times they may be in denial of the situation. In many cases, days or weeks later, the person may call and confirm the accuracy of your intuitive knowing.

The Effects of Positive Words in Healing

Words send out a powerful message, much more powerful than is usually understood. We continually send these messages out to those around us, as well as to our own conscious and subconscious minds. Words can be used either to strengthen and empower or to undermine the self or others. When using positive statements, we reinforce our self-image and self-esteem. Positive statements encourage us and help us to build a healthy relationship with ourselves and the world around us. They confirm our value as humans. Few people realize that words can poison and pollute the thinking, the energy field, and the body in much the same way that toxic chemicals can damage the physical body.

Our mind is much like a computer. There is a saying – Garbage in, garbage out! In addition to that, we can have wonderful in – wonderful out! The mind can be programmed, and like a computer is only as good as the information entered into it. If we enter erroneous or limited information, we will reach faulty conclusions. If we enter good, clear information, our conclusions will be accurate, and we will have a more realistic picture of how the world operates. The more positive and loving the input that we give our mind, the more peaceful, prosperous, and successful our life will be.

Here are some examples of positive and negative words and statements:

Positive Approach                                                                    Negative Approach

Challenge                                                                                      Problem

Eager                                                                                             Anxious

Exhilarated                                                                                   Scared

Bless                                                                                              Damn

Prosperous                                                                                   Broke

When                                                                                             If

I am doing it                                                                                 I’ll try

I can                                                                                               I can’t

I will                                                                                              I won’t

I will remember                                                                          I forgot

I apologise                                                                                   I am sorry

Misplaced                                                                                    Lost

Concerned                                                                                   Worried

‘But’ is a frequently used word that discounts every positive word that is said before it. For example, I have heard people say, ‘I am doing better, but I know it won’t last long’. The words ‘I am doing better’ are discounted by the word ‘but’ and the real message becomes ‘I know it won’t last long’.

When listening to someone who frequently uses the word ‘but,’ I sometimes get the feeling of riding in a car with a driver who alternates between stepping on the gas and the brakes. Listen to how people use the word ‘but’ and notice whether they are giving away their power, stopping themselves or discounting the positive messages they started to give themselves.

The Different Ways of Actively Moving Energy


This procedure works well for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries and is so effective and versatile that it can be used in almost every healing situation.

There are times when it is especially important to be able to move energy actively and consciously in a precise manner. An excellent way to do this is to direct and focus the energy.

The left hand is the receiver, drawing energy. Use your left hand either to draw negative energy out of a person or to draw positive energy in from the Universe. You can also visualize the left hand as suctioning our vacuuming energy into itself. Use your right hand as your sender, to direct the negative energy that has been pulled out of the person either into the ground or up to the sky to be recycled and transmuted.

You use your right hand to direct positive healing energy into a person or into a specific area needing healing. This holds true even for people who are left-handed.

Visualize a suction drawing energy into your left hand and through a sealed tube into your body. Remember that you are only a conduit for the energy, and you need to keep this energy within the conduit tube. In this way, the energy will only pass through you. Feel the energy move across your body and come out of your right hand.

When doing healing work on an area of negative energy, place your left hand 2 – 6 inches above the injured area to draw out the negative energy. Using your right hand, direct the negative energy either up to the sky or down into the earth to be transmuted. Allow the negative energy to drain completely out of the person you are working with. Continue to pull off the negative energy until the flow can no longer be felt. This method can be used to pull concentrated excess energy and pain out of a person to reduce fever, to withdraw energy from a cancerous tumour or to clear trauma. It works well for all burns, cuts, and injuries. After all the negative energy is drawn out of the person, rub or shake your hands to clear off any negative energy that might be clinging to them. Then hold your left palm up in a receiving mode and pull in positive energy from the universe. Positive healing energy is now directed with your right hand into the area to be healed.

Both you and the person you are working with can literally feel the negative energy flowing out of their body. As you do this you will notice that there is a point where the energy decreased until it feels like just a small trickle. Draining the negative energy in a minor injury might take only a few seconds or a few minutes. In the case of serious injuries or illnesses, however, you might have to go back two, three or more times to drain the negative energy completely. It appears that negative energy comes off in layers of different intensities as it is released from the body. When the energy is totally released, the outward flow of negative energy will cease along with almost all sensation of pain.

After the negative energy has stopped flowing, shake and rub your hands together both to clear your own energy and to disconnect and release negative energy. Next tell your hands and the person you are working with that you are now going to put in positive healing energy. You are then ready to put your hands back on the person. With your left palm facing up ask God to send in positive energy. Ask the person you are working with to visualize receiving the positive energy and a healing colour such as emerald green for healing the heart energy, pink for love, or whatever colour energy they feel the most need in the area to be healed. Ask the person to feel and sense the energy coming out to them. Visualize and feel the healing energy being pulled from the universe into your left hand and then being sent out of your right hand into the body. At this point, hold your right hand 2 – 6 inches above the body. As the positive healing energy comes through you, have the person visualize along with you. Together see the affected area being filled completely with the positive healing energy. Fill this area two or three times until it feels like the area is completely healed.

After the area needing healing has been filled with positive energy, the energy coming out of your right hand can be felt slowing down and then stopping just as it did when you were drawing out negative energy. When this energy has stopped, the person has absorbed all the energy that they can possibly take at that time. Rub your hands together again and smooth out the energy field much like icing a cake. Visualize the healing energy being sealed within the person you are working with. Healings can be done as frequently as every few hours in extreme cases. (Note: In an hour or so the person might be able to absorb more energy. When working with people with serious challenges, multiple treatments are recommended). For most people, however, one or two sessions are enough.

After this do an aura cleansing above the injured area to smooth out the energy field. With many injuries the energy field around the body is also damaged and traumatised. Whenever a person has had surgery or has been in an accident of any type, it is important to do an aura cleansing to release the trauma, the pain, and the energetic memory held in their energy field. By smoothing out the energy field, you are mending and reconstructing the rips, tears, and abrasions in it. For example, if a person has been cut, the above-mentioned healing processes combined with aura cleansing will remove the negative energy and provide healing energy for both their physical body and their energy field. Visualizing healing energy filling the area and positive changes occurring will certainly accelerate the healing process. Focused visualization is as powerful as the healing energy itself.

One or Two Hands

The technique of using one hand is effective in most cases. There are times, however, when you may want to use two hands to send positive energy into the person you are working with. To send positive energy out of both hands, visualize and experience yourself opening the top of your head. Feel healing energy come down through the top of your head to the centre of the earth and back up into your heart. Then feel the healing energy come from your heart and out of both of your right and left hands at the same time. By utilizing two hands, you can send healing energy to both eyes, ears or kidneys at the same time or to any other area needing attention. Focus on allowing energy to come through you and to the person that you are working with. See and feel the energy coming through both of your hands. Visualize the negative energy breaking up, being washed away from the person you are working with and being released into the ground.

The Two Hand Triangle

A simple, effective two-handed method for removing negative energy is the triangle technique. Here, negative energy is neither pulled into your hands nor run through your body. Place your hands palms down, with the tips of your pointer fingers touching and your thumbnails overlapping. Your hands, especially the open area between them, form the shape of a triangle.

Form the triangle directly on or 2 – 6 inches above the area to be worked on. Visualize and feel positive energy as well as healing colours coming from the palms of your hands and your fingers, penetrating directly into the area in need of healing. As the positive energy penetrates the area, visualize the negative energy breaking up. See and feel the negative energy being pushed out through the centre of the triangle and being released and immediately transmuted. Remember to have the person you are assisting, visualize the healing process with you.


Reaching In and Pulling Out

Reaching in and pulling out is a technique used to remove tumours, blockages and negative energy visually and energetically within the body. When reaching in and pulling out, hold your right hand, with fingers extended, towards the area to be worked with. With your eyes open or closed, visualize your hand going deep inside the person. See and feel the energy from your hand grasping, locking onto and pulling out the negative energy.

For example, in the case of a person who is experiencing throat problems or has a problem verbally expressing themselves, hold your right hand 2 – 6 inches from the body with your fingers extended towards their throat. Visualize yourself reaching inside the throat and breaking up, releasing, then pulling out the negative blocked energy.

People confirm that they can feel both the healer’s hand and the energy moving deep within their body. They can also feel the shifts that occur because of the energy unblocking. This technique is excellent for removing specific, identifiable concentrations of negative energy. Remember to have the person you are working with visualize the process with you and give you continuous feedback while you are working.

Moving Blocked Energy with Special Techniques

When working with negative energy that is difficult to move, seems concentrated or is taking a long time to drain out, there are several quick, simple techniques that can be used to assist in breaking up these negative energy patterns.

The energy flow may be blocked or sluggish for a variety of reasons. Accumulations of blocked energy can occur in a person who is scared, injured, burnt, hurt, tense or in pain. Regardless of the cause, whenever energy is blocked it can be quite painful.

Power Pushing – When experiencing very stubborn blocked energy, you can power-push the negative energy out by putting your left hand over the affected area to draw out negative energy and your right hand underneath the place in the body you are working on. Use your right hand to power-push positive energy into the affected area. Visualize this healing energy breaking down the negative energy and pushing it out into your left hand. In effect, you are power boosting the removal of the negative energy. Visualize the energy becoming unblocked and flowing freely. As this negative energy begins to move in the body, see it immediately transmute into positive energy.

This method will force the energy out more quickly than if you are just drawing it out using only your left hand. Before using this two-handed approach try using just the left hand to draw the energy out. If you find that you need an extra boost, use the two-handed technique. Once the energy is unblocked, you can use the one-handed method for drawing out the negative energy.

The following approaches work because the mind cannot hold on to two thoughts at the same time. Here the mind will only hold on to the strongest energy, releasing the weaker one. For example, if you have a headache or pain and then are confronted by a minor crisis, you forget about your headache. Note: Be aware that your focused intention is required to shatter the negative energy fields.

Inflated Balloon – One approach involves the use of a balloon. Have the person focus on placing the issue they wish to heal into the balloon. Then have them blow these issues into the balloon filling it as full as possible and tie it. Have them hold the balloon next to their body over the affected area. Next, with their eyes shut, have the person visualize putting all their emotions – pain, anger, hurt and frustrations into the balloon. After they have placed all of this in the balloon, tell them that they can release and heal this issue and the related emotions by breaking the balloon. You may even encourage them to get angry at what the issue has cost them and at the pain it has created in their life. Encourage them to let all this anger out by squeezing and breaking the balloon. As they start to squeeze the balloon, watch for a moment when it is being squeezed with a lot of emotion. Then, when the person least expects it, pierce the balloon with a pen or pencil. The noise and the surprize of the balloon’s breaking will shatter the negative energy blockage. When you can get the person whom you are working with to participate actively with you, the healing is always more effective. This method does not have to be done with an actual balloon, I have used it very effectively with an imaginary balloon and when it has come to the time to burst it, I have clapped my hands together very loud, the unexpected noise acts in the same way to shatter negative energy.

Energy Ball – A variation of the above technique is to have the person, with their eyes shut, focus their mind, and visualize the energy of their issue or illness. Ask them to gather all the energy associated with it and to push it out of their body until it is about 12 inches in front of their forehead. Then ask them to compress this energy into a tight ball. When they say that all the energy is out of their body, ask them to focus their mind on the energy ball and to compress it even tighter. Wait until you feel that they are totally focused on the energy ball and when they least expect it, clap your hands as loudly as you can in the same area of the energy ball. Usually, the energy ball is completely released or at least, greatly reduced. If it is only reduced, repeat the process a second or third time as needed.

Clapping – Another technique is to have the person shut their eyes and focus on the issue they are dealing with. Watch until you can see they have focused intensely on the issue. Then, when least expected, clap your hands as loud as you can in the general area of the blockage. Again, this shatters the negative energy. This approach has been used often with great success.

Energy Release & Sealing the Auric Field

Detecting An Energy Shift

When an energy release occurs, it is perceived as a change or shift in the body’s energy. These energy shifts happen whenever a blockage is partially or fully released. They take place on many levels, and some are easier to detect than others. When a shift occurs on either the mental, physical, or emotional levels, there are certain indicators which give a sensitive healer great insight into the next step to take in assisting the person. Indications of an energy shift can include crying, shaking, yawning, sighs, breath rate changes, taking a deep breath, rolling the eyes, dilation of the pupils, muscle spasms, twitches, burping, passing gas, gurgling intestines, coughing and even laughter. A sharp pain or ache may be an indicator of either an energy release or an area that needs more attention. More subtle indicators of energy shifts are skin colour and body temperature changes. Communicating your awareness of positive shifts to the person receiving the healing provides them with tangible validation that changes within their body have occurred and are continuing to take place.

The ability to identify releases, regardless of the form they take, allows you a much greater insight into both a person’s healing process and your own progress. When you have learned how to read these indicators, you can gain valuable information such as how willing and ready a person is to heal or to what extent they are in fear or are stuck.

When the body relaxes completely, it may be a sign that resistance has ended, the blockage has been released and healing is taking place. Although at least for the time being the process has been completed, there may be deeper levels to work on later. If you are looking for a stopping point in the session, this may be a good place. Sessions are best ended after a person has completed a process, or if they state that they wish to stop for the day. Avoid ending a session while they are still processing their emotions or are in physical pain. Stopping at this point without completing the process, will leave the person in an extremely vulnerable position. It is comparable to a doctor stopping in the middle of a surgery without closing the incision.

With a shift on the spiritual level, it might be difficult to pinpoint a specific time or how the change has occurred. In addition, these changes are similar to energy shifts on the mental and emotional levels. They may be indicated by a difference in the skin colouration, by increased aliveness or intensified brightness of the energy field or in the clarity and the brightness of the eyes.

It is important for you to be comfortable with all forms and expressions of release. The greater level of acceptance, support, and unconditional love that you can provide, the safer it will be for a person to open up, to let go of resistance and to release their pain without fear of criticism, judgement or rejection. The clarity and unconditional love you provide will act as a catalyst to heighten the feeling of safety and to encourage a person to face long hidden issues.

Releasing Excess and Negative Energy

When doing healing work, there is a possibility that you will accumulate excess energy or pick up negative energy from either the person being worked with, the surroundings or both. It is important that you release this energy after each healing session as quickly and completely as possible.

You can safely release all excess and negative energy in several ways. The following is a list of some of the most effective and widely used techniques for clearing energy during a healing session or after you finish working with a person. This energy includes negative energy removed from the person and the surrounding area, as well as any excess energy generated during the session.

1) Physically wash your hands while visualizing that you are cleansing and releasing all negative energy from your body.

2) Rub the palms of your hands on the floor or ground, allowing all excess and negative energy to flow out of your body. Visualize this energy being released into the earth to be purified and transmuted.

3) Vigorously shake the energy off your hands or flick it off your fingers, while directing it either down toward the earth to ground it or up toward the sky to send it back to God to be transmuted.

4) Visualize a filtering screen in the energy flow to trap, burn away and transmute negative energy.

5) Visualize a dumping tube extending from the base of the spine deep into the earth. Create one for yourself and one for the person you are working with. Visualize intense white light flowing through the top of the head and down through the body. See the light breaking up and washing away all negative energy so it can be released from the body and flow down into the earth for transmutation. End the flow only when there is pure light flowing throughout the tube.

6) Ask for God/Spirit to help you in releasing all excess and negative energy that you may have picked up.

7) Visualize the energy in your workspace as being saturated in intense white light. Continue this visualization until the energy is pure.

8) Visualize a violet flame in the healing room burning away and transmuting all negative energy.

9) Visualize a ring of golden light surrounding your healing area preventing any negative energy from spreading outside the ring. Visualize God constantly vacuuming up and transmuting all the negative energy.

10) Burn a candle – white, gold, pink, green, blue, or violet visualizing that it is burning away and transmuting all negative energy.

11) Smudge the area and yourself by burning sage, cedar, or sweet grass. Visualize the smoke burning away and transmuting any negative energy.

12) Dance or movement is another way of releasing excess and negative energy.

When you allow negative energy to accumulate, you may begin to feel sluggish or heavy. If this occurs, dancing, yoga, meditation, playing tennis or any form of exercise or spiritual practice can be effective for moving the energy in the body, regardless of whether it is your own energy or has come from others.

Remember, taking on another person’s pain and pulling their illnesses into your own body will not only fail to help the person you are working with, but it will also diminish your abilities to stay clear.

Always keep your healing area free of negative energy by cleansing it after each session. It is possible for the person you are working with to pick up negative energy from previous healing sessions and to leave feeling worse than when they came in. When you take responsibility for keeping yourself and your work area clear during and after each healing session, you, and the people you work with will experience no problems.


Sealing the Auric Field

Sealing the auric field is done after the aura has been cleansed. The sealing process creates a protective shield which fits tightly around the energy field, insulating it form negative energy. It is important to do this whenever a person is feeling fragile or does not have time to relax after a healing session or especially if they are going out into a high-stress or hectic environment.

To seal the auric field, have the person stand facing you. Because you are working in their energy field keep your hands 2 – 12 inches out from the body. Extend your hands upwards at a 45-degree angle, at least 12 inches above and beyond the body. Move your hands in a fluid motion at a 30 – 45-degree angle down toward the centre of the body, across the centre and continue at a 30 – 45-degree angle to the opposite side. When your hands reach the opposite side move them down diagonally back to the original side of the body, again crossing at the centre. Repeat this movement until you reach the floor. Your hand movements will resemble the outline of a figure 8 stacked vertically on top of one another.

As you are moving your hands, visualize the energy field condensing and becoming more compact and sealed, forming a skin-tight protective energy shield around the person. Seal the auric field from head to foot on each of the four sides of the body as you cleanse the auric field on all four sides. Move consecutively from one side to the next in a clockwise direction. People who have had their aura sealed have described themselves as feeling smaller, or as if they were in a tight bodysuit. In most all instances, they felt very much protected and very safe.

Preparing & How the Body Communicates

Preparing for A Healing Session

When preparing a room for a healing session do your best to have a towel, wastebasket, tissues, pillow, and blanket on hand. These are seldom available when working with people in spontaneous situations.

There are many ways to express and release strong emotions safely. I do my best to keep the towel or pillow handy just in case the person needs to scream. With a towel or pillow over their mouth a person can scream, even at the top of their lungs without fear of embarrassment or of someone calling the police. Many times, these screams will come out uncontrollably, without warning and there is not time even to reach for the towel. In all cases, I just do my best.

The pillow can be used to hold like a teddy bear for comfort, to cry into, yell into or to punch. Once again, have the person focus their emotions on an external object rather than on you, themselves, or an inappropriate object that they might hurt or be hurt by.

Tissues are kept close to be given for wiping off tears or for blowing the nose. It is best to give tissues after the healing and not during, unless the person specifically asks for them. The reason for this is that if you give them the tissues during their process, you may pull them out of their feelings before they have finished their process.

The blanket is kept handy in case the person becomes cold or is chilled during an energy release. The wastebasket is a precaution just in case the person needs to be sick.

It is also vital that you always create a safe environment.


How the Body Communicates

There are three main models which I rely on to gain insight into what issues a person is dealing with. In every healing I first observe the location of the negative energy and then compare it to the reference points indicated in these models. Remember, that these three models are only indicators which help give insight and are never to be used as an absolute. In each case I always ask questions to check out with the person if the information provided by these reference points is accurate and applies to them. If they are in denial, they may not agree with you.

The first model is an observation of the upper and lower chakras, the second is an observation of the left and right sides of the body, the third is observing what specific area of the body is being affected. These models work equally well with all genders, ages, races, and religions. Whenever discussing masculine or feminine energies, please remember that each person, whether male or female embodies both types of consciousness. When these are in balance and working in harmony with each other, the person will be able to use both their right and left brain more effectively to give and receive equally well and will be more balanced and happy.

The fist model gives insight as to whether the issue is related to the lower or higher nature of the person. When observing the upper and lower chakras, view the heart chakra as the centre, separating the upper three chakras from the lower three chakras. The lower chakras represent the lower human nature. They relate to survival and power issues, emotions, sexual desires and the need for food and shelter. The upper chakras deal more with the higher nature, including love, communication, the ability to see clearly and the connection to the higher self. The balance point is the heart chakra. When the lower and upper chakras are in balance, the heart is open and fully expressing unconditional love.

Some people view the upper chakras as embodying feminine qualities and the lower chakras masculine ones. Here, the heart centre perfectly balances the masculine and feminine.

The second model is to divide a person vertically and observe the right and left sides of the body. In this scenario the left side indicates the feminine, receptive qualities and the right side represents the masculine, manifestation qualities. When there are energy blocks on the left side, try to discover if they are connected to the feminine energy issues such as sensitivity, spirituality, emotion, intuitiveness, receiving, nurturing, support, creativity, expressions of love or other right brain qualities.

When there are energy blocks on the right side of the body, explore whether they are connected to masculine energy issues such as protection, survival, assertiveness, manifestation, giving, logic, intellect, power, and other left-brain qualities.

The third model is to observe what part of the body is being affected and to see how it might relate to the issues in question.